Terms and Conditions

Booking Process

Upon receipt of an enquiry we will contact you (normally within 24 hours if your enquiry is via email), to confirm villa availability, villa rate (including tax and/or service where applicable) and details of the deposit required to confirm the booking. Upon receiving confirmation from you that the booking details are correct and that you wish to confirm the booking, we will then hold the relevant dates for 7 days pending payment. In the event that an enquiry is received from another guest for those same dates during such 7 day period, then we shall inform you as soon as practicably and request that evidence of payment having been made to confirm the booking is provided within 48 hours. Should you fail to comply with such request, then we shall be free to offer the dates to the other guests. If the other guests then confirm and send evidence of payment, we shall have the right to cancel your booking.

Deposit Payment

For all bookings we require a deposit of at least 50% of the total amount due to confirm the booking.

A booking is only confirmed once the deposit amount has reached our bank account and we have responded to you via email that your booking is confirmed which we shall normally do within 24 hours of having received payment. Payment can be made via IMT (International Money Transfer) net of all bank charges to our relevant bank account. We accept payment in GBP, IDR, and THB. For IDR and THB we use the mid-point exchange rate on x-rates.com on the day that the request for payment is made to calculate the amount to be paid in.

Alternatively we also accept payment using a credit card or debit card via either Homeaway or PayPal, however we only accept payment in GBP and a an administration charge will be added of 5% for PayPal and 2.7% for Homeaway to cover the fees that PayPal and Homeaway charge us for the transfer.>

Final Payment

Payment of the final outstanding amount due is required at least 30 days prior to the date of your arrival. We will send you a final payment reminder at least 30 days prior to the date of your arrival. Once payment has been made we will provide you with all the final details for your stay, including directions or address for the villa and local staff contact details.

In the event that your date of travel is within 30 days, we will require payment of the full amount due to confirm the booking, and the booking is only confirmed once this full amount has reached our bank account, or our credit card processor has notified you and us that a payment has been received, and we have then responded to you via email that your booking is confirmed which we shall normally do within 24 hours of having received payment.

For last minute bookings that are made within 7 days of the date of arrival at the villa, we require payment in full prior to arrival by credit card and reserve the right to refuse payment by other means, including bank transfer, and payment in cash upon arrival at the villa.

For last minute bookings that are made within 24 hours of the date of your intended arrival at the villa, we require payment in full by credit card prior to commencing your stay. We may however, at our sole discretion, be able to accept payment of relatively small amounts in cash rupiah upon arrival at the villa.

Failure to Pay

For guests who have booked to stay more than one month prior to arrival, and who have failed to make full and final payment within 5 working days of having been sent the final payment request, then we shall have the right to treat your booking as cancelled and offer the dates to other guests.

For last minute guests who have booked to stay within one month of arrival, your booking is not confirmed until we have received payment into our bank account.

Where guests, or agents representing guests, have failed to make full and final payment prior to the date that the guests are scheduled to arrive at the villa, then we reserve the right to refuse the guests entry to the villa, and to continue to refuse entry until such point as payment has been made.


Our quoted rates include breakfast, unlimited tea, coffee and water, and the exclusive use of the villa facilities and the services of the dedicated staff including housekeeping, a manager and a cook for the duration of your stay. For the avoidance of doubt, unless expressly stated in the booking process our rates exclude the following: Airport Transfers; Car and Driver Hire and Fuel; Trips and Excursions; Meals other than Breakfast, and Massages etc.

Guest Booking Amendment

We will make every effort to assist you if you wish to alter your original booking. Requests for an amendment must be made by email, and will not be valid until confirmed back to you by email. There is no charge for amendments to your booking, provided the number of nights booked remains the same or more than your original booking. Where the amendment however results in a reduction in the total number of nights compared to the original booking, or a change in the dates within 3 months of the original date of arrival then our normal Cancellation Policy shall apply.

Guest Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made more than 6 months before arrival we will refund 100% of the amount paid, less a 50 administration fee, and any relevant bank charges or exchange rate differences where applicable.

For cancellations made more than 3 months prior to arrival we will refund 50% of the amount paid, less a 50 administration fee, and all relevant bank charges and exchange rate differences where applicable.

For any cancellations made later than 3 months prior to arrival we are unable to offer any guaranteed refund of any amounts paid.

For any cancellation up until 2 months of arrival however, guests shall have the option instead of a refund (if eligible) to set the amount already paid against another stay with us at any of our villas within the next 12 months, provided such further stay is of a value of at least as much as the original booking. In the case where the proposed stay is of less value than the value of the original stay booked, then the amount carried forward to the future booking shall be pro-rated down accordingly (i.e. if the future booking is only of 40% of the value of the original booking, then only 40% of the amount already paid will be carried forward to be set against the future booking).

Please note that we strongly recommend that you take out suitable travel insurance at the time of confirming your booking to protect you against any unforeseen reasons for cancellation particularly medical issues. (see later section).

Villa Owner Cancellation Policy

In some exceptional circumstances, we may be obliged to have to cancel your stay at your named villa before your arrival at the villa. If this occurs we shall use our best endeavours to offer to you an alternative villa of equivalent, better or very closely similar standard and price, or where that is not possible we shall provide to you every assistance for you to find and procure other accommodation and will give you a full and prompt refund of any and all monies paid, including any bank charges that you incurred in making the initial payment to us.

Minimum Stay Policy

Minimum stay is 6 nights for the Christmas / New Year holidays and 4 nights for all other times of the year for reservations made more than 30 days prior to the day of travel unless otherwise stated by us in the booking process or where the stay is for dates adjacent to an existing booking when no minimum stay restrictions apply.

There is no minimum stay period for bookings made within 30 days prior to the day of travel.

Maximum Number of Guests

Each of our villas has a standard number of guests (and a maximum number of guests) which is as follows: Villa Kalisha - 4 guests (Max: 7 adults / 9 guests); Villa Talia Vashti - 6 guests (Max: 6 adults / 8 guests); Villa Rene - 8 guests (Max: 8 adults / 10 guests); Villa Leana - 8 guests (Max: 10 adults/ 12 guests); Villa Vayana - 6 guests (Max 6 adults / 8 guests); Villa Bali Blue - 8 guests (Max: 10 adults/ 12 guests); Villa Anjani - 8 guests (Max: 10 adults / 12 guests)

We can accept more guests than the standard number of guests provided it is agreed with the owner in advance. There is however an additional charge of 20/person/night for each additional guest above the standard number of guests (10/night for children below 10 and infants 2 or under are free) to cover our extra costs for extra food, bedding, laundry, air conditioning etc.

Only the number of guests agreed during the booking process shall be allowed to stay overnight at the villa. Additional guests are however able to visit during the day, provided that the maximum number of guests normally accommodated by the villa is not exceeded.

Where there is a requirement for more than the maximum number of guests to visit the villa during the day (for example for wedding or other party) then normally that can be arranged provided that prior permission has been given by the Owner. The owner and staff at the villa however reserve the right to turn away guests from the villa, or to demand additional payment for the extra persons, if the above limits and permissions are not complied with.

Damage Deposit

We do not ask for a damage deposit from guests, however where breakages or damage occur at the villa due to the action of guests, accidental or otherwise, then we ask that you please report them to the villa manager so that we can rectify the damage as soon as possible.

We do reserve the right to add the cost of replacement or repair of the item to your bill upon check out. For the avoidance of doubt breakage/damage includes, but is not limited to, permanent staining, cigarette burns, rips, scratches or other damage to furniture and soft furnishings.

Personal Baggage and Effects

We are not responsible for guests baggage and personal belongings which at all times remain the responsibility and risk of the guests during a stay at our villas. We do however provide lockable electronic safes in each bedroom for guest use, and also provide a key for each bedroom to the guests of that bedroom.


We have a strict no smoking policy at all of our villas. This is not only because many of our guests are non-smokers, but also because our villas contain many soft furnishings and have wood and rattan roofing that are highly flammable, and so smoking inside provides a significant fire risk.

If you wish to smoke then we do allow smoking in the outside areas of the villa and provide ashtrays if required.


We strongly recommend that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking, to protect you and all those accompanying you for the time of your visit, particularly against accident or illness occurring to you, or to those close to you, that would prevent you from travelling. We recommend that any insurance also includes coverage for evacuation, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellation and other travel contingencies.


Please be advised that we are not responsible for, and do not accept any liability for any personal injury to you or your property during your stay at our villa, or during your participation in any activities during your visit to Bali. We will not accept responsibility for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside of our control such as late arrival of international flights, extreme traffic problems and other travel delays, electricity interruptions and power cuts, building works, civil disturbances, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment.

Privacy Policy

We understand that there is a large degree of trust in any transaction that takes place on the internet for both the buyer and the seller, and that privacy can be a major concern for some guests. We commit to you therefore that any personal information that you provide to us in the course of a booking, such as your name, contact details or any other personal information, shall remain completely private and confidential, and in no way shall we share any such information with any third parties. Very occasionally, we may contact you to make you aware of upcoming special deals. However, we do respect your right to privacy and will not send you any notices if you contact us and ask us not to.

Complaints Procedure

We work hard to constantly improve the service and the standards at all of our villas, and so we always welcome and indeed encourage feedback from guests on areas that we can improve on, and this has over the years led to many changes to our villas that we hope has made our guests stay at our villas even more enjoyable and memorable. If you have any feedback on our villas therefore, then please write to us (Tom & Rene Springall) at secludedbalivillas@gmail.com.

In any venture though there can be times where things do not happen as expected. Normally this can be due to circumstances outside of our own or your control, but very occasionally we ourselves or our staff ocan make mistakes or fail to do something that means that you feel you have not received the service that you expected. Our business is an internet based business, and therefore our reputation is very important and so in such circumstances we would ask that you please contact us to allow us so that we can try and address your complaint as best we can. It is best to send us an email to secludedbalivillas@gmail.com. We take any complaints very seriously and commit to respond to you as soon as we can, and in any case within 72 hours. We undertake to work with you as best we can to address any complaints to your satisfaction within 10 days of having received the complaint.


Terms & Conditions

Villa Anjani is marketed by Talia Vashti Ltd, UK registered company number 102880970 with registered address 869 High Road, London N12 8QA, UK.